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An Outstanding & Comprehensive Telehealth Plan designed to beaffordable to everyone!

The only thing you can't afford is to be without it!

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75% of most medical practices are often closed after 6 pm.

4 hours is the average time spent in an emergency waiting room.

21 days is the average number of days it takes to schedule
an office appointment with a doctor.

66% of emergency room visits are actually for NON-emergency conditions.


For non-emergent, everyday health issues, relax and see a doctor
from the comfort & safety of your home!

You're safer, it's faster, and a doctor is available 24/7/365.

Little or no loss from your job.

You don't have to drag your kids out and put them in harm's way.

Avoid contamination from sick people waiting in a crowded waiting room, right next to you.

No traveling to crowded & contaminated ER's, urgent centers, or medical offices, unless it's a life threatening problem.


  • Saves Time: Online doctor visits are convenient, immediate, and a true time saver. No more long waits to get in to see a doctor and no need to take valuable time off from work.

  • Easier Access: For those who travel, work in rural locations, or live in underserved cities, Telehealth can sometimes mean the difference in receiving proper care or not.

  • Saves Money: Telehealth dramatically reduces costly and unnecessary doctor visits, urgent care visits, and emergency room visits. Online consultations are usually lower than a co-pay. With Access A Doctor, your visits are included in your monthly membership fee, so you have no out of pocket expense when you see a doctor. The only potential cost is for a possible prescription which you pay for at your pharmacy.

  • More options: Member Patients have so many more options with Telehealth. They can speak to a physician, a pediatrician, or even a behavioral therapist.

  • Access to Telehealth is 24/7/365. (Holidays included)

  • Bad weather, transportation issues, and other life challenges, no longer have to stop you from receiving the care you need when you need it.

  • You can get professional answers to important medical questions you might have, without having to wait to see your primary care physician which involves time, travel, waiting for an appointment, and needless high bills. With Access A Doctor, your questions are unlimited and free.

  • You don't have to subject yourself to sick people in waiting rooms for non-emergency situations. Consulting with a doctor over the phone or video can resolve most issues.

  • Empowering to the Member Patient by giving members choices and so much more control over their health, and health choices.

  • Last, but certainly not least, there is an extraordinay level of satisfaction among members.

  • For under $50/month, covering up to 8 family members living in your household, how can you go wrong?


We're so very proud to announce that MyTelemedicine
now ranks third with J.D. Power.

In case you are not aware, J.D. Power is a global leader in consumer insights, advisory services and data and analytics. A pioneer in the use of big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithmic modeling capabilities to understand consumer behavior, J.D. Power has been delivering incisive industry intelligence on customer interactions with brands and products for more than 50 years. The world's leading businesses across major industries rely on J.D. Power
to guide their customer-facing strategies.


  • Cold & Flu

  • Ear Infection

  • Allergies

  • Pink Eye

  • Skin Irritation/Rash

  • Acne

  • Urinary Tract Infection

  • Diarrhea

  • Nausea

  • Fever

  • Headache

  • Infections

  • Sore Throat

  • Stomach Virus

  • Second Opinions

  • Recommendations

  • Needing to speak with a Behavioral Professional for a temporary emotional issue

  • ...and so much more!



  • When you cannot reach your primary care physician.

  • When it's a weekend, holiday, or the middle of the night and you find yourself sick.

  • When you need a short-term prescription refill.

  • When you have young children and are unable to see a doctor.

  • When it’s after your doctors normal business hours.

  • When you're on vacation or traveling away from home.

  • When you have a specific health-related question.

  • When you're not sure you really need to go to an urgent care center or ER.

  • When you cannot afford to take time off of work.

  • When you want a higher-quality, lower cost alternative to walk-in clinics.

  • When you're having a down day and just want to talk with a behavioral specialist to get things off your chest

  • When you are tired of all the crazy answers to your medical problems that you're finding on 'Google', and you need a medical professional to respond to your specific questions. All you do is email a doctor from your private member portal for peace of mind or to get a direction that you may need to take.

  • When you need nutritional information on what and how to eat based on a medical condition you have.

  • When you need Advocacy for a questionable bill or bills. There are professionals who will go over your bills and make certain that they are accurate and charged properly according to protocol.



  • Member Patient calls designated 800 number or logs into their member portal to schedule a consult with a medical doctor licensed in their state.

  • Member Patient speaks to a Care Coordinator who will triage and update the patient's Electronic Health Record (EHR) along with all symptoms.

  • Member Patient consults with Physician who recommends a treatment plan. If a prescription is necessary, it is electronically sent to the pharmacy of the member's choice.

  • The doctor will update the Member Patient's EHR immediately after the consultation. The Member Patient will always maintain 24/7 secure access to their Member Portal.


GoLexi is 24/7/365 unlimited access to a dedicated team of licensed Veterinarians. The consultation is a realtime
phone or video call via your mobile device or computer, and enables you to ask questions, get a second opinion, understand if you need to take your pet to the vet or ER, discuss behavioral issues, training, and wellness. Anytime, Anywhere, GoLexi Vets are Here For You!

Picture it: It’s 2 am, and something is wrong with your pet. What do you do? Our licensed Vets can determine if your four-legged family member needs an immediate visit to an emergency room or can be cared for and monitored at home.

✔ Covers all pets in your home

✔ Paws-itively convenient and affordable

✔ Once the consult has been scheduled, the vet will bark at
you within the hour

✔ Includes Pet Drug Savings Card - prescription discount up to 75% at 68,000 participating pharmacies

Q. Will I speak to with a licensed Veterinarian?
A. Yes, our dedicated team of veterinarian telehealth specialists are ALL US licensed veterinarians.

Q. Can your veterinarians prescribe medicine?
A. No, GoLexi telemedicine vet services cannot diagnose or prescribe medications for your pet. GoLexi operates subject to state regulations, and offers Advice only.

Q. What pets are eligible for GoLexi?
A. All pets that live within your home.

Q. What days and time can I connect with a vet?
A. We will fetch our licensed veterinarians 24/7/365 anywhere in the US. That is right -around the
clock access.

Q. How long before the vet calls me back?
A. Once your consultation has been scheduled, the veterinarian will contact you within an hour.

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If this sounds appealing, please contact us personally from our contact page or by clicking the green 'CONTACT US' button below. You are also welcome to email us directly at Depending on the time of day you write to us, we will get back to you within 24 hours. Be sure to include your phone number in your communication.

Creating your own group could be a very positive turning point for you in lieu of our times where people don't want to go to a germy waiting room for simple medical conditions. It is also a very wise decision to propel your organization or business forward.

We look forward to hearing from you!

to your employees, group, or organization!

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Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc, is honored to be able to offer you a truly affordable and Comprehensive
Telehealth Membership, through our association with
Access A Doctor™.
We are offering this monthly membership plan
to those who serve as Board Directors, our staff,
Recovery Room 7 Online Participants,
Volunteers, Donors, Supporters, Prayer Partners, Church Groups, Friends of our Mission, and you & your family.
When you purchase your Access A Doctor™ monthly membership from us, you are helping us to be able to provide people with extensive addiction recovery services,
thus giving them the opportunity to have hope
and live a normal, addiction free life.

Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc
PO Box 146
Hot Springs, MT 59845
We are a Federally Registered
501(c)3 charitable nonprofit corporation.
EIN: #45-1495875.

Our mission is accomplished through providing an online Bible based addiction recovery program,
where those challenged by addictions are navigated through an uplifting & motivational recovery.
When properly embraced, people can realize true healing that leads to being fully recovered for life!

An Outstanding & Comprehensive Telehealth Plan designed to be affordable to everyone!

The only thing you can't afford is to be without it!

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Copyright 2021, Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc, Comprehensive Telehealth. All rights reserved!


Brokers for Access A Doctor™

An Outstanding & Comprehensive Telehealth Plan designed to be affordable to everyone!
The only thing you can't afford is to be without it!


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An Outstanding & Comprehensive Telehealth Plan designed to be affordable to everyone!

The only thing you can't afford is to be without it!

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An Outstanding & Comprehensive Telehealth Plan designed to be affordable to everyone!

The only thing you can't afford is to be without it!

Copyright 2021, Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc, Comprehensive Telehealth. All rights reserved!

Copyright 2021, Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc, All Rights Reserved.